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Limbo is too gentle a word. For many parents, the uncertainty around school reopenings amounts to a daily strain, as they contemplate another full season of juggling child care and career.

Clear answers remain out of reach, for now, but here are three factors worth keeping in mind:

1. Not all kids will be able to follow the new pandemic rules.

“K–12 students may generally be capable of doing what public-health experts ask, but not all of them, not everything, and not all the time,” Joe Pinsker explains.

2. Outdoor classes may be the solution.

Olga Khazan reports: “Though it isn’t free of problems, learning outside might be the only way to provide parents with a break, kids with an adequate education, and teachers with protection from the coronavirus.”

3. School reopening isn’t the only option.

“Other potential solutions exist—but implementing them would require substantially more time, money, and imagination,” Ashley Fetters writes.

Parents themselves weigh in:

Arsh Raziuddin / The Atlantic / Animation by Erik Carter / Courtesy of Bob Ross Inc.

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