My Daily Tools and Gear for FPV Drone


Here is a list of tools and drones that I frequently use. Note that I am not sponsored by any company, I only recommend products based on my experience.

The Radiomaster TX16S is my primary radio, it’s affordable and versatile. It comes with multi-protocol module, which means I can bind to almost any receivers in this hobby. See my full review of the TX16S.

Despite the awesome protocol support, I mostly use my TX16S only with Crossfire – a 900MHz long range RC system, it comes as an external module you can insert to the back of the TX16S. I don’t fly long range a lot, but I like the more reliable signal than 2.4GHz. See this guide on how to setup Crossfire.

I also use the DJI FPV Remote for those 2″ or 3″ BNF quads that uses DJI Air Unit, so I don’t have to install an extra receiver. See my review of the DJI FPV Remote.

For whoops, I sometimes use the BetaFPV LiteRadio 2. It’s a tiny portable radio that’s compatible with Frsky D8 and D16 protocols (both FCC and LBT). A lot of micro quads including toothpicks and tiny whoops still come with Frsky receivers, and this is perfect for those. I can also use my TX16S for these, but this is so easy to carry around, just pick up and fly 🙂 See my review of the LiteRadio2.

The DJI FPV Goggles has been my primary FPV Goggles since 2020, I absolutely love them! The image quality is mind blowing compared to traditional FPV system. See my review of the DJI FPV system.

I also have the Fatshark HDO2 and Skyzone 03O, two of the best analogue goggles currently with OLED screens. But if I had to choose one, I’d get the DJI FPV Goggles. It also works with analogue FPV system, you just need to get an analogue receiver module adapter.

To power it I just use a 4S 1500mAh battery for my 5″ quads, no need to buy special battery 🙂

If you don’t fly DJI, only analogue FPV systems, there are a lot more options. Here is a buyer’s guide for analogue FPV goggles.

Right now, the Fatshark HDO2 would be my first pick. It has the best image quality in all the analogue FPV goggles I’ve tried, hands down. It also has adjustable focal length and I don’t need diopters see the screens clearly (because I wear glasses). See my review of the HDO2.

If that’s too expensive, consider the Skyzone 03O. Smaller FOV than the HDO2, but image clarity is just as good! Not only being cheaper, the built-in OSD menu system is way more advanced that what Fatshark could offer, significantly improves user experience. See my review of the Skyzone 03O.

I seriously discourage getting a cheap FPV goggles, buying cheap is buying twice.

Fatshark makes their own battery for the goggles, some people also use 18650 Li-ion batteries to power their goggles. I personally prefer using a Tattu 2S 2500mAh.

For analogue receiver module, I mostly use the ImmersionRC Rapidfire as it gives me the best performance.

As a cheaper alternative, I’d recommend the Eachine Pro58 with the Achilles firmware, this is the best value module you can get for the performance it offers.

As for antennas, I quite like using the SpiroNet V2 and Menace Patch with my video receiver. For the VTX, just use whatever you can afford because you are going to crash and damage it soon anyway.

Take a look at my FPV antenna recommendations for ideas.

I’ve been using iSDT chargers since 2015, and I cannot recommend them enough. They didn’t pay me to say that, nor have I ever got a free charger from them. I am genuinely excited about their products because they just work. Take a look at my review of the Q6.

These chargers are extremely portable and powerful, you can use it for field charging, you can charge up to 6S LiPo, 18650 batteries or even your car battery…

For an even smaller charger, check out the Q6 Nano I recently reviewed.

Here are some other LiPo charger recommendations.

To charge multiple batteries at the same time, you need a parallel charging board. Make sure to read this article to learn how to parallel charge LiPo batteries.

For charging batteries in the field, I use one of these large capacity LiPo.

6S 10000mAh LiPo BatteryAmazon

The ImaxRC B3 is a handy charger for your transmitter and goggles 2S and 3S batteries. It charges the battery through the balance lead, perfect for batteries that don’t have XT60 connectors.

Here are some of my favorite tools.

For soldering tools, I have a whole post talking just about it. Oh… do you want to learn how to solder?


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